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Brazil Remote Staffing Solutions

Hire Remote Teams in Brazil

Looking for remote staffing solutions in Brazil? We help you augment your ideal team in Brazil while saving up to 70% on costs and ensuring compliance with local laws. Schedule a free consultation with us to discuss your ideal solution.

An Offshore Brazil Workforce for Any Sector

From data entry and software development professionals to customer service and IT support, we empower your organization to scale with The Brazil’s top talent.


We Help You Source, Vet, & Onboard a Highly Skilled Workforce in Brazil

Leveraging our deep expertise and extensive network, we streamline the process of identifying and engaging top-tier remote talent in Brazil. Through our comprehensive approach, we handle sourcing, vetting, and onboarding, ensuring you have a highly skilled workforce ready to contribute to your business goals.

Why Hire in Brazil?

Brazil presents a compelling opportunity for businesses looking to expand their remote operations and tap into a diverse and dynamic talent pool.

Brazil's multifaceted talent pool
Diverse Expertise

Tap Into Brazil's Multifaceted Talent Pool

Leveraging our vast network and in-depth understanding of the Brazilian job market, we connect your business with the country’s richly diverse and skilled talent pool. Whether you need professionals in technology, customer service, or creative industries, we can help you identify and engage top-tier remote talent. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that you gain access to proficient individuals who can seamlessly blend into your team and contribute meaningfully towards your business objectives. Partnering with us means you can effortlessly tap into Brazil’s dynamic talent reservoir, propelling your business towards sustainable growth.

Cost Efficiency

Maximize Savings with Brazilian Staffing Solutions

Brazil presents an opportunity for businesses to balance their budget without compromising on talent quality. We help you access this cost-effective workforce, offering competitive wages that align with the local cost of living. Moreover, the lower operational costs in Brazil, combined with favorable exchange rates, can lead to substantial savings for your organization. By leveraging our streamlined hiring process and comprehensive payroll services, you can efficiently onboard highly skilled professionals in a cost-efficient manner. This ultimately maximizes your return on investment, driving your business towards greater financial health and stability.

Affordable Brazilian staffing
Brazil workforce language proficiency
Language Proficiency

Seamlessly Communicate with Bilingual Brazilian Professionals

One of Brazil’s key advantages is its bilingual workforce, with professionals proficient in both Portuguese and English. This linguistic ability enables seamless communication and collaboration within global teams. With our help, you can integrate these bilingual professionals into your remote teams, thus facilitating effective communication across different business functions. Our candidates are vetted not only for their technical skills but also for their language proficiency, ensuring your business operations run smoothly. 

Strategic Location

Expand Into Latin America with Brazil's Strategic Position

Brazil’s strategic location in South America positions it as an excellent gateway for businesses looking to penetrate the Latin American markets. By setting up remote teams in Brazil, you can gain direct insights into the Latin American business landscape, helping you tailor your strategies effectively for this region. We assist you in harnessing this geographical advantage by sourcing dedicated professionals who understand local market dynamics. This not only enhances your operational capabilities but also aids in building stronger relationships with customers and stakeholders in the region. 

Brazil's Latan American strategic position
Brazil's remote workforce culture
Remote Readiness

Leverage Brazil's Growing Remote Work Culture

With the rise of remote work, Brazil has rapidly adapted to this trend, fostering a culture that supports and embraces flexible work arrangements. This makes it easier to find professionals who are not just skilled, but also comfortable with remote work setups. We help you tap into this remote-ready workforce, ensuring smooth transition and operation of your business activities. Our services include not just identifying and hiring these talents but also providing comprehensive onboarding support, making sure they are well-equipped to contribute effectively to your remote team. 


Established through years of connections, our global network of service professionals grants 1840 clients a competitive edge. You no longer have to search for the right people: we bring them straight to your doorstep.

The 1840 Difference

We are deeply invested in helping businesses focus on business, so our services are designed to be hassle-free. We adapt to your organization structure through freelancing or outsourcing, relieving you of the roadblocks that inhibit your company’s growth.

Scalable Managed

No matter the scale of your needs, we outsource the exact number of business professionals or processes your company needs for success. Our services grow easily with your business, ensuring your evolving needs are met.

Breadth and Depth for Immediate Scale

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.

Elastic Freelancer

From part-time to full-time, our network of freelancers is ready to come alongside your business and meet your needs as they change over time. Flexibility is built into the 1840 model, fulfilling your short-term to long-term needs.

Global Pricing Model

Our professional resources and outsourcing services give your company the breadth and depth it needs to scale with speed from a single partner. Let your business needs fall on our broad expertise to drive growth.